Respite Accommodation 

Gillian’s Saltire Appeal Largs Flat

Accommodation is open for booking all year round

Gillian’s Saltire Appeal

The Charity originally raised funds in Gillian’s memory that enabled them to buy a flat in Largs. Very quickly it was booked up most of the year and this indicated that this was a very much needed space.

So after further fundraising the Charity bought the current flat that is situated on Largs Front overlooking the beautiful Firth of Clyde and Isla of Cumbrae.

The flat is run entirely by volunteers and bookings are managed by Jane.

flats view

Who Can Book?

balcony view

The flat is provided free of charge to anyone who has been affected by cancer. This could include family and carers of the person dealing with the disease.

Raising Funds through Donations

We want to raise sufficient funds to provide and maintain the respite accommodation for those affected by cancer and their families or carers in Ayrshire and other parts of Scotland.

gillians saltire