Gillian’s Saltire Appeal Story

How it All Started

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Gillian Ward lived in Largs.  She was a wife and a mother of two boys.

She was remarkable only for the fact that she loved life and made those around her feel happy. On December 2005 Gillian died of cancer.

Her husband, Les, wanted to honour her memory and at the same time make a real difference to the lives of others who suffer from the same illness.  Les and a group of his friends had a meeting and decided to organise a campaign to raise money to provide practical and meaningful help for people who sare affected by cancer.

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Our objective became to raise sufficient funds to provide and maintain respite accommodation for those affected by cancer and their families and carers in Ayrshire, and other parts of Scotland.

Our initial target was the purchase of a suitable two bedroom accommodation in Largs and to provide an annual sum sufficient for repairs and running costs.


Brilliant New Partnership

We have teamed up with the Ayrshire Cancer Support Charity, who are a local charity providing emotional support and practical help to those affected by cancer in the Ayrshire area.   They make sure that those that need help get it!

Raising Funds through Donations

No one involved receives any income or any other material benefit from this project. Our aim is to simply make a difference to the lives of individuals affected by cancer and at the same time honour a fine lady.

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